Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All night designing

Stricken with severe motivation last night, I obeyed and made a dress.

The design, 11pm

The plan, 11:15pm

The pattern, 12:00am

The first fitting, 3am

The dress, 6:30am

Awake enough to try it on properly, 2:15pm.

p.s. try your best to ignore the lovely print, as big a fan as I am of big florals, I would have used something a little more subtle, had the occasion not called for scraps.


  1. Wow, I love your design! I can't believe that you can design and sew a dress in a night - amazing! I agree that a solid color/subtle print would allow the design to be seen more but it is fab! I also think it would look great with no sleeves - the front detail is just perfect.

    -Stacie Campbell - Clayton Campbell's wife, you probably don't remember me :)

  2. Thanks Stacie! I think I do remember meeting you at Karen's house long ago :)